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Oh. My. Theresa, the difference you have made in the way I feel! Every morning I look in the mirror thinking “Wowza, is that me?” I am so grateful that my daughter in law discovered you and wish it was 3 years ago. I love the brows, eyeliner and lips. LOVE not having to do make-up, especially not messing with lipstick melting! Before you, my face was a washed old grandmother. Now even my grandchildren are amazed. They say I am beautiful. All thanks to you Theresa.
Cheryl, RN. Mount Airy, Maryland.

Theresa, A quick note to let you know that I am delighted with my brows. A friend commented that I looked pretty (at 74!), but it made me feel good. My hairdresser said they look great and is a great color match. She asked where and I suggested she look you up on the internet and gave her the name of the salon. Me … when I look in the mirror in the morning, I think I look good and thus feel good. A great way to start the day. You have added an extra bounce in my step. Thank you!
Pat. Smithsburg, Maryland

I found Theresa and Beautiful Faces from an online search and after looking at her before and after pictures, I knew she was the person I wanted to perform my permanent makeup. Theresa has a beautiful friendly personality and is extremely knowledgeable regarding applications and colors. I first sought her out to have my eyeliner applied and she did this with such fine detail no one knows it is tattooed. I get compliments all the time, it is so easy I love having more time to myself in my morning routine. I later decided I wanted to have my lips done, and wow oh wow, she did an amazing job I absolutely love the color and detail! I do not miss reapplying lipstick 2-3 times in a day… I now just apply my Carmax if I want a shine and moisture. This has been 2 of the best decisions I have made in my personal care routine, it saves me so much time and I no longer looking the mirror to see the lipstick half faded off or my lips looking so pale. Thank you Theresa for doing such an amazing job! I would highly recommend Theresa and Beautiful Faces for your personal beauty enhancements.
Dr. Michelle Walker, Waynesboro, PA

Theresa is the best!! Easy going, professional, and knows her stuff. She is so easy to talk to during the procedure. Her work is top notch. excellent clean & sterile environment.
TL. Maugansville, MD

Theresa is AMAZING! I had permanent make-up applied to my upper eyeliner, eyebrows, and lips. Theresa took her time to explain the process and answer every question prior to every application. Her knowledge of the process and color selection made me as a client feel very comfortable and enabled my trust in her with applying permanent make-up to my face. I wanted a specific color “I thought” for my lips but she explained to me why the color would not be a good choice due to the undertone of my natural lip color….and she was correct! She applied a sample color to my lips and the color turned bright orange….without her expertise I would have looked like a clown. The recommendation she provided for me was so much better and actually is the perfect shade for my skin tone. Her patience in selecting a color for every service makes her special….she was open and honest…she followed up after the the service and has become a friend.
I’ve had many friends who now plan to go see Theresa because my experience and the amazing outcome. I would recommend to anyone.
BM. Manchester, MD

I want to thank you sooooo much for my eyebrows….and yes…I love waking up to color on my face. I apologize that my sister and I were such worry worts about the brows being too dark. You were a trooper for enduring our never-ending concerns. Five days after my procedure… which btw was absolutely painless…my brows sloughed a tad….tiny pieces of skin were shed leaving me with EXACTLY the color I wanted!!! If anything, I’m thinking I may ask you down the line for a touchup.
I’m still interested in the eyeliner and removing the small veins around my nose, but need to save a few dollars before I begin that adventure.
Believe me….I will be singing your praises to everyone I feel comfortable with telling I’ve had permanent makeup. Theresa…you were GREAT. Competent, professional, funny, and patient. Thank you sooooo very much. To quote Arnold Schwarzenegger ….’I’ll be back!!’.

Hi Theresa, I really enjoy my new brows and they have lightened just enough to look very natural. I’m just using water on them and wearing a visor when I go out. No problems so far. I saw our daughter this week and she didn’t even notice they were different. So I think you did an excellent job and I’m very happy with the result. I would certainly recommend you to any of our friends. It was a pleasure to meet you and I’ll be in touch if I have a concern. Thanks Theresa.
Mary. Fredericksburg, VA

Theresa, I just have to tell u this story. We went to this party tonight and the hostess had her eyebrows tattooed. My husband looked at me. Then he looked at her. Then he looked at me and all the other women sitting there. He said “damn, yours look so much better than hers. And better than the natural ones too!”. Hers looked like postage stamps. Thank you so much for what you do.
Dana, Rockville

Thank you for your patience and kindness as well as your knowledge of the business. We were blessed to have found you to do our procedure. You knocked it out of the park when you touched up my brows, after putting all of your equipment away. We will most definitely let all of our friends know about your services. I am waiting for my brows to lighten up a little. We will see you soon. You are truly a beautiful person inside and out, may God continue to bless you.
Peace and Love
Pam. Accokeet, MD

Thanks Theresa!
I enjoyed getting to know you. I’m so glad that I entrusted my eyeliner to you. You were meticulous, professional, caring and knowledgable. These are the qualities which everyone should be looking for. I have already recommended you to several people. I will definitely be back for my next re-application. Wishing you continued success!

Hey, Theresa!
My eyebrows have definitely “improved” since the last time I communicated with you. The “gray sheen” is now gone and my eyebrows look very nice and natural now. Like you said, the layer of dead skin was what was causing the gray color.
Waking up in the morning with eyebrows that look good is quite a blessing. I feel a lot less self conscious now and, even my parents think my brows look great. I can’t thank you enough for putting so much time and care into my eyebrows (combining all the different colors, etc). I hope to come in sometime and show you my brows.
Keep allowing the Lord to use you in your beautiful ministry! JP Mt Airy, MD

Theresa was so pleasant and comforting! She thoroughly explained every detail of the process. I would definitely recommend her and I know I will be coming back for more beauty enhancement!
Anon. Submitted via Square

I loved the friendly, living-room like atmosphere.
Anon. Submitted via Square

Theresa was GREAT!!! I had upper and lower eye liner applied and she was awesome!!! She took her time and after meeting her i knew i was in good hands. It was scary for someone to be working so close to my eyes, but she made me VERY comfortable and i knew she would do a great job, which she did!! She is awesome, and i will be going back for my eye brows at the end of the month which i am super excited for. Thank you Theresa for everything!! You are the best and i will and have already recommended you to my friends.
Jillian, Thurmont, MD

Theresa made me feel like a new woman after she did my eyeliner and eyebrows. It’s wonderful to feel this way, Thanks again Theresa.
Michelle. Westminster.

Theresa made me feel like a beautiful woman without makeup, it’s remarkable.
Anon, Via website

I had my eyebrows and eyeliner done approximately 3 years ago. I love not having to put on brow makeup. Theresa is a very thorough and professional technician. She prepares you for what she will be doing during the procedure. I will return for a “touch up” in the future.
Irene. Mt. Airy, MD

I have nothing but the best things to say about my services . Theresa was very professional personable and made my experience the best possible.I have and will recommend anyone who is looking for permanent make up etc to make sure you only go here . It was absolutely amazing and I will always come back for my refreshers only to Theresa.

Theresa, you are so generous in your compliments and praise, and that’s before we start with the procedures! Spending time with you will lift anyone’s spirits. The permanent make-up is a bonus! And I love, love, love my brows and eyeliner! Thank you so much!
Suzanne. Mount Airy, MD

Sorry to bug you Theresa, but I had to let you know:
My make-up daughter, this morning says, “They really do look great, so crazy awesome!”  And “Wow, I can’t believe there’s no swelling or anything, that’s crazy!!!”
Older daughter, when I told her there was no swelling, etc. and sent a pic this morning, “That is amazing!!!! Now my friend Barb wants to do it! And that really is amazing.  I LOVE the shape.”
And a parent came in, “Ms. P, there’s something different.  You really look so pretty today.”
I love you Saint Theresa!
Janet. Damascus, MD

Coming up on the first anniversary of my new “lips” and thought I would let you know that I am still so happy with the results. Hope all is well with you and your family.
Regards, Doris

A co-worker mentioned to me about eye brow tattooing and I did some research about it on the Internet.  I came across a website named Beautiful Faces on the process of permanent makeup.  I met Theresa Pstrak, the owner of Beautiful Faces in Frederick, Maryland this past March 2014.
Theresa explained in detail about the process along with the cleanliness of her office and the procedure.  I was very pleased with the quality level of professionalism and the office environment.  She is very thorough in her work and addresses questions and concerns after the treatment.  She design the eyebrows to fit my face along with the best color that needed to be apply along with home care of cleaning the eyebrow area.
I’m so happy with the results of having permanent eyebrows that I will never have to put on eyebrow pencil again.  It is worth having permanent eye brows that are natural looking.  I will always recommend Theresa Pstrak, CNA, SPCP, Beautiful Faces to everyone for permanent makeup.Many thanks to you, I now have a much more beautiful face.
Rudene. Frederick, MD

Theresa did a wonderful job applying permanent makeup on my eyebrows and eyeliner. I have fibromyalgia which makes applying makeup very difficult due to the pain in my hands, wrists, & elbows. Now each day when I wake up, I already have eyebrows & eyeliner on. It looks very natural & helps me feel better about how I present myself each day.
Sunny. Urbana, MD.

Dear Theresa,
Upon being diagnosed with Stage 3 breast cancer at the early age of 39, I knew my life would never be the same again.  After enduring several surgeries, rigorous chemotherapy and radiation treatments, I thought my “reward” would be nice, new breasts.  Well, after 3 implant failures and just about giving up, I found Dr. Cappuccino.  He put me “back together” and recommended you for the final touch.  I am so incredibly glad that he did.  You made me “whole” again!  Looking in the mirror is not so bad anymore.  I feel like a real woman again.
Your patience, kindness and privacy were such a welcome relief to the normal “let’s get this done and get it over with” care that most breast cancer survivors are used to.  You are compassionate and sincerely care about your clients.  I could not have asked for better results.  When I looked in the mirror after you were done, if you remember, I broke down in tears.  They were not tears of sadness, but tears of joy.  You completed my dream of being “whole” again.  I have given your name and number to several of my survivor sisters and would highly recommend you to anyone looking for permanent results.  Thank you again, you are truly a remarkable woman.
Holly,  Sykesville, MD

Theresa, your call made me cry.  I am so proud of you that Johns Hopkins wants you to do Areola Re-pigmentation on their breast cancer survivors.  I, emotionally, can’t do breasts because of my own breast cancer. And you are able to do this because of your own breast cancer.  I am so very proud of you and I am proud of me for leading you in the direction, helping women with breast cancer.  I am so very very proud of you and love you. Lillian Lang, BSN CPCP  Lang Klinic, Philadelphia, PA

I was a real skeptic and quite frankly felt bad for Theresa (having to deal with my multiple of questions and anxiety). I asked her ever question I could think of concerning the application process, healing time and benefits of permanent make up. Theresa answered my questions very thoroughly and was respectful of my concerns.The application was not painful or uncomfortable, the healing was quick and the results are amazing!I look rested and put together even with no other make up applied. I wish I would have done this sooner! Now if she can just help me take off this ten pounds…….
Amy R, BSN.  Beautiful Faces. Urbana, Maryland

.I became interested in permanent makeup because of the long hours (12 hour shifts),  often without a break that I work.  It is very important in patient care that you present a pleasant, calm and well rested appearance.
I found Theresa and felt extremely reassured due to her medical background.  Her standard for cleanliness and her attention to detail were always impeccable.
My healed results were subtle (not stamped on). The esthetic was incredible, due to Theresa’s careful attention to individual feature type and coloring.
It takes so much less time in the morning — much appreciated at 4:30 am and remains in the same place thru the time I’ve finished giving report at 7:30 pm.
Finally my husband so loves waking up to such a “Beautiful Face”!
Carrie R. Brunswick, MD

I have had permanent makeup done on my eyebrows three times.  Theresa did my brows this last time.  She is BY FAR the best person I have ever gone to.  She knows what she is doing and she does it right!  I would and will recommend her to my friends and family!  I am absolutely thrilled with the results!!
Patti, Mt Airy, MD

“Thank you so much for my new beautiful brows. It’s wonderful going to sleep and waking up with eye brows. I had photos taken and my daughter commented that my eyes look great, due to my new improved brows. What a gift you have. Thank you Theresa.”
Nancy, Middletown, MD

“Dear Theresa, I wanted to give you a quick update after you had shared your concern about the small rough spot on my lip during my consultation with you last week. I saw the Doctor, per your insistence, and she carried out a biopsy that confirmed your suspicion, it is a precancerous lesion. I need to have it treated and will contact you again when I’m given the all clear.
“Thank you so much for paying such close attention and for encouraging me to get it checked out – I am so lucky that you have your medical background and that you were able to recognize a problem. I truly feel if I had gone to someone else they would performed the permanent makeup on lips which would mostly caused my precancerous lesion to become a full blown cancer which would have spread. Thank you!”
[Name withheld by request]

“Being fair-haired, for years I had to pencil in my eyebrows everyday. No matter how careful I was, they always looked lopsided and uneven. So one day I decided to check into eyebrow tattooing and called Sylvana Institute. They referred me to Theresa.
I LOVE my eyebrows. I can throw away all my eyebrow pencils, and when I get up in the morning my high forehead doesn’t look so high anymore.
Thank you…thank you. You did a great a job. I am honored to know you and the work that you do for many who suffer from hair loss and other health issues. You are a beautiful person. With highest regards and sincere thanks.”
Wilma. Jefferson, MD

“Theresa is FABULOUS!!!!!!  Personable, professional, funny, caring, hardworking, AND spells her name the correct way!  🙂  I am a new women!!!!  Thank you so much Theresa!!!”
Theresa U.  Sykesville, MD

Due to likely autoimmune disease, I had lost all the hair from my eyebrows and much from my head of hair, especially in the front. I had used an eyebrow pencil for a while but it never came out the same, and when I woke up in the morning I was always so distressed to look at myself in the mirror without any eyebrows.
I had asked someone I know who warned me to be very careful as many salons that do eyebrows come out very dark and unsatisfactory. Through another contact, I heard about Theresa and Beautiful Faces. As soon as I spoke to her on the phone I was very impressed with her professionalism and knowledge – also agreeing with “less/lighter” at first and then a second appointment to get “perfect”.
I just had my second appointment yesterday and I couldn’t be happier – I have eyebrows that don’t wash away and they look beautiful. Her work area is like a doctor’s office in that she cleans everything, tapes surfaces, and uses only top of the line equipment and dye, etc. Theresa also takes her time to get it the way I wanted them to be. On top of all that, she is an amazing woman that I feel I am now close friends with. I know how scary it was for me to take this step but to all women out there like me, do it – it changes how you feel – beautiful…
Pat T. Montgomery Village, Maryland

Theresa, I just wanted to touch base with you since my procedure on Wednesday. I am LOVING my eyebrows!! The color is so perfect! I like the eyeliner too and it along with the eyebrows is going to make my life so much easier.
TM. Damascus, MD

Twenty-two years after a life changing car accident that nearly took my life and left me with major self-esteem issues, Mrs. Theresa’s eyebrow procedure has been a blessing to me.
Not only have I regained self confidence in my appearance, I get compliments from my family and friends.  In the past I have always been very insecure when meeting new people.  I always felt as though they were looking at my eyebrow and not ME.  This bothered me tremendously.
Now when I meet people I have a sense of security in knowing that I look normal again.  That people are looking at me and not wondering what happened.  I believe that God is working through Mrs. Theresa at Beautiful Faces because she put back in me what I lost on that day.  I am so thankful and will always recommend Mrs. Theresa.  She IS a blessing and a very kind lady.  Thank you!
Brian. Westminster, MD

Theresa, Thanks for all you do to make women look beautiful! You are amazing and I appreciate all you have done for me!
Martha. Mount Airy, MD

“Does this mean I don’t have to help my wife get up an hour early for church, so she can put her eyebrows on?”
A comment from Jack, the husband of Cynthia – a beautiful 91 year old woman from Frederick, MD

“I would like to thank Theresa for the amazing job she did on my eyebrows.  I had wanted to have something done for a long time, but just kept putting it off, until one day, while shopping, I met a lady at a cosmetic counter, we started talking and I noticed her eyebrows were so perfect.  I asked her what she did, and she told me they were permanently done by a salon in Mt Airy, called Beautiful Faces.  This lady had a card in her purse, I wrote down the number and made an appointment with Theresa, and that was the best thing I could have done.
“Theresa is so professional and clean, all her equipment is wiped, covered and she is masked and gloved, while doing my procedure with no interruptions. When she finished, everything was explained to me of what to do, and a follow-up appointment was made. She did hair strokes to my eyebrows, that are so natural and perfect. I thought I could never afford to have this done, but compared to the prices I got from different places, I was amazed how much cheaper Theresa was and the quality I received was worth every penny.  Thank you, Theresa !!!!  I will recommend you to all my friends.”
Erma.  Bethesa, MD

“I had permanent makeup applied to my eyebrows and am VERY happy with the results! Also, my permanent eyeliner is so VERY nice and the lines are fine, distinct, and balanced!  I really am satisfied and agree with the other reviews concerning Theresa’s knowledge, expertise, talent and empathy. What a sweetie! She explains the procedure, the tools, the makeup and answers every question. Thank you Theresa, for a job well done!
Cindy P. Mt. Airy, MD

“I am so thankful to Theresa for making my eyebrows look so “beautiful”. I never realized that my eyebrows were shaped like the arches at McDonalds. I had a consultation with Theresa, and after seeing and hearing everything I needed to know about the procedure, I did it and can’t tell you how happy this made me feel and look. WOW, what a difference, and to think my eyebrows are permanent, makes it all the better. Thank you, Theresa”
Georgia, Ellicott City, MD

“I am so happy I had the opportunity to meet Theresa, and have her do my permanent lips. I cannot tell you what a difference this has made, just knowing I will never be without lipstick. I don’t care what brand of lipstick I would buy, after a couple of hours, it would be all gone. I was very impressed after my consultation with Theresa of her cleanliness, knowledge, professionalism and credentials, that I had chosen the right person to do the job. She is a very dedicated person who cares about her clients. I am so glad I decided to do this lip procedure and I recommend Theresa to all my friends. Thank you, Theresa !!!”
Delanie, Baltimore, MD

“I recently had my permanent eyeliner done,and I am so happy I made the decision to do it. It has made my eyes look soo…..much better than they have ever looked, that I don’t even need to use mascara, if I don’t want to. The liner looks so natural and was done so perfectly, that nobody would know that this is a permanent procedure. After my consultation with Theresa, there was no doubt, I WAS going to have this done. Everything was explained to me, as she was performing the procedure, there were no interuptions. Theresa has a mask on, gloves, etc. you would think you are in a hospital environment, which I feel is very important. After the procedure, Theresa explained what needed to be done, and I had no problem at all. Thanks so much !!!!”
Ashley, Marriottsville, MD

“I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer in October of 2009. I had to receive chemotherapy as part of my treatment plan. After my treatments were over, my eyebrows never came back. Side effects from my medication caused me to sweat unexpectedly, so drawing them on was simply not an option. I found it very difficult to wear eyeshadow, because without eyebrows, it seemed like I had a never ending forehead. People would tell me they did not notice… but I did.
“Eyebrows are such an important facial feature, they help to show your emotions and expressions. It was easier being bald because I could just put a wig on, and problem solved, I looked normal. I was very upset about not having eyebrows.
“Through a mutual friend, I was introduced to Theresa. When she tattooed eyebrows on me, I cried tears of happiness! My eyebrows look fabulous, I have gotten so many compliments on the excellent work she did. She is not only talented, but compassionate and understanding of how problems such as this make women feel.
“People tell me I look happy. Because I am. When I look in the mirror, I feel normal again. I would highly recommend Theresa and I will be forever grateful to her. She has changed my life.” Rebecca D. Frederick, Maryland

“I cannot tell you how much I love the permanent make-up you did for me.  The thing is, I don’t even know how to explain it.  The change was not dramatic (as I thought it was at the time!), but subtle and, for me, life changing.  I feel more confident about my appearance, and not just when I dress up w/makeup, but everyday, whether I am at home cleaning or at a party w/friends.  I sent a few pictures.  When I started comparing facial definition with others, it became very apparent how truly lovely and enhancing my permanent makeup really is. Thank you so much Theresa.”
Patricia. Frederick, Md

“I was nervous about getting permanent makeup (eyeliner) as I had never had a tattoo, but Theresa makes you feel very comfortable about this and her studio is very welcoming. She takes her time with you and allows you to rest and take a break if you need it. I got compliments about my new look the very next day from my aerobics instructor (who is not a close friend just an acquaintance). I did not tell anyone ahead of time that I was going to have it done but I received several more compliments.”
Alison. Laytonsville, MD

“Thank you so much Theresa. I love, love my new eyeliner. Theresa is a perky and professional delight! Thank you for making me feel calm and comfortable during my procedure. I have recommended you highly to my friends and co-workers.”

“I have always wanted permanent eye liner, but never thought about it seriously until Theresa opened her business in Mount Airy. Having very little knowledge concerning the process, I set up a consultation with Theresa. Wow – did I get an education! So many are not aware of the process and procedures that are necessary to be safe and that there are not many regulations to keep it safe! I was thoroughly impressed with Theresa’s professionalism, knowledge, credentials, background, and her dedication in helping women to look their best so they can heal in ways beyond physically. My procedure was so worth the results, and I’m so pleased with my permanent eye liner. Thank you, Theresa. It is my pleasure to share and refer others to you. You are a true professional!”
Kim W. Mount Airy, Maryland

“I wanted to thank you for an absolutely beautiful job that you did on my eyebrows!  I LOVE them and so does everyone else!  Many people noticed right away that something was different about me and they said my face looked brighter.
Thanks again for taking so much time and making sure my eyebrows were perfect!”
Susan. Mt. Airy, MD

“As Theresa’s mentor and instructor I found her to be extremely conscientious. Indeed, even before she started classes Theresa had her business plan in effect and in addition was thoroughly prepared for class.  She remained a enthusiastic student excelling in all areas of permanent makeup. I would highly recommend her for anyone who desires a technician/artist who truly cares about her clients.”
Lillian Lang RN,CPCP

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