Eye lash enhancement creates a fine soft natural line that gives depth and definition to the eye. This technique is popular with both women and men who have fair complexions and would like to give their eyes more definition. I do not do dramatic liner or “fade” trends, but topical makeup over permanent makeup is good for trends.

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Eyeliner Procedure Release

Please Note: I DO NOT do heavy, bold, or thick eyeliner. I do not connect the outer corners, wing the tails or go in past the tear duct… never. NO exceptions.

I pride myself on creating the most NATURAL look possible. The soft tissue around the eyes is very delicate and changes as we age becoming thinner. In some cases the pigment can migrate because of this. This won’t happen right away. Typically it will happen a few years after you have your eyeliner done. It is sometimes very difficult to correct pigment around the eyes, which has migrated. Migrated pigment will look blurred or like a bruise. This is why I won’t do dramatic eyeliner.

If you have had Lasix, upper or lower Blepharoplasty, cornea repair, lens replacement, refractive eye surgery or any other eye surgery/procedure you will need to wait at least 6 months from surgery/procedure date before I will do permanent makeup on your eyes! A doctor’s note may be required. NO EXCEPTIONS!!


It is YOUR responsibility to inform me of any eye surgeries you have had or eye conditions you currently have, as this will determine if you are a good candidate for eyeliner. Failure to inform me does release me of liability.