Several treatments use the Skin Classic machine – an amazing non-laser device that “touches” trouble spots – reducing and eliminating them with minimal discomfort and immediate results. You will see the difference!

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Skin Classic
Skin Classic treats skin tags, brown spots, broken capillaries, cherry angiomas, sebaceous hyperplasia, seborrheic keratosis, fibromas, syringomas and acne
• $250 (Includes After Care Product)
• Uses Skin Classic machine

Skin Classic Treatment – Hands
Reverse aged hands by removing brown spots
• $90 – $225
• Uses Skin Classic machine

Your solution to aging, including fine lines, broken capillaries, skin tags, cherry angiomas, fibromas, and sun spots/hyper pigmentation.

The Skin Classic machine can treat minor skin irregularities such as brown spots, broken capillaries, clogged pores, acne cysts, sebaceous hyperplasia, fibromas, or skin tags.

The high-frequency Skin Classic machine is the answer for clearer healthier skin, treating irregularities without use of a laser or a scalpel.

Treatments are approximately one-hour long and discomfort is minimal. Upon consultation the skin is cleansed and minor skin irregularities are identified. The appointment begins with a microdermabrasion treatment. This will alleviate the stratum corneum (the outside layer of dead cells that contain: residual makeup, oils, and debris).

Once the skin is treated with a microdermabrasion treatment more minor skin irregularities may show themselves. The Skin Classic high frequency probe is used on the minor skin irregularities. The probe never enters the skin! The “touch method” is used where the probe barely touches the skin. Treatment is very quick, a bit uncomfortable for a moment but so worth it. Immediately you will see results…no waiting and hoping!

There is some downtime for healing. When the Skin Classic probe comes into contact with the epidermis it will leave a little ding. It typically takes anywhere from 5-10 days before the skin is smooth again. During that time it is important to baby your skin with gentle products.

You will also be sent home with aftercare instructions. The Skin Classic machine can be performed on the face, neck, chest, back, hands and arms!

The Skin Classic Direct high frequency technology is an affordable non-laser treatment for minor skin irregularities such as telangiectasis, spider naevi, cherry angiomas, keratosis,fibromas, skin tags, hyperpigmentation, milia, sebaceous hyperplasia and acne pimples. Skin Classic treatments are quick, and barely touch the surface.

After 1 treatment with the Skin Classic

cherry before..maryland cherry after...maryland

mena lucero before mena after

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Syringomas are harmless eccrine sweat duct tumors, typically found clustered on eyelids, although they may also be found in the armpits, abdomen, chest, neck, scalp or groin area including genitals in a symmetric pattern. They are skin-colored or yellowish firm, rounded bumps, 1–3 mm in diameter, and may be confused with xanthoma, milia, hidrocystoma, trichoepithelioma, and xanthelasma. They are more common in women and are most commonly found in middle-aged Asian women. While they can present at any time in life, they typically present during adolescence. They are usually not associated with any other symptoms although can sometimes cause itchiness or irritation. Thank you Wikipedia!